FSEV is a worldwide competition consisting of several teams made up of college students. In this vastly competitive league, teams of 3-6 develop cars utilizing CAD and other related tools. However, the complexity of what we do reaches beyond mere engineering and into fields of business/marketing, graphic design, and possibly most importantly if considering real-world application, team management and cooperation. Then, each of these skill sets developed throughout the team process is put to the test at regional, national, and world level competitions. As a result, FSEV has created a system which effectively develops and enhances students’ learning experience through their interests as well as by teaching necessary real-world situations/applications.

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Future of Electric Cars

Ronin Racing was a team of students from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India that competed in the 2019 FSEV Design Competition in Bangalore. Their team had a drive to learn from their mistakes, improve their team unity, and progress to achieve the impossible. Through their experience at the 2019 FSEV Competition, they built a multitude of connections related to various aspects of the competition, developed a vast platform for communication and team branding, and understood the actions necessary to succeed at the world finals. Ronin Racing: one team, one goal, one passion.