What I Do

I (mostly) specialize in web design, development and penetration testing! Here’s a taste of what I do:

  • Web Development! :earth_americas: This is the core of what I do, and because of that I make an effort to keep up with the latest in an ever-changing field. From the frontend to backend and everything in between, I can make magic happen.
  • UI/UX Design! :joy: I build products with humans in mind - with simple, straightforward, and joyful user interfaces. The general rule of thumb is that if you need to explain how to use your product, then it’s too complex.
  • Cyber-Security & Penetration testing :computer: I enjoy finding bugs and obviously reporting them in bug bounty programs in my free time. Read more here

What I am Learning

I consider myself to be a lifetime learner. Here are skills I am working on improving in the near future:

  • Guitar! :guitar: I am learning how to play guitar because playing the guitar is the most popular of the instruments people want to learn and be in peace, to relax. The guitar is used for so many songs and is a blast to play at friend and family gatherings.
  • Psychology! :necktie: I want to understand why people do things the way they do, not just in the physical world but also digital world. That’s why I am studying human computer-interaction in my free time, to better understand the diverse mindset of users.

Things I Love

This can be summed up in 3 words:

  • Music! 🎶 Listening to music is the one thing I always do while coding or in my free time. Trust me.
  • Burgers! :hamburger: Actually I’m foodie. People eat to live & I live to eat. So, I prefer to try all dishes once. What about Coffee?!
  • Delhi Metro! :rainbow::station: I like travelling in metro roaming whole New Delhi, what more can I say?

Important Notices

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  • If you haven’t yet, hover over the “Back to Top” link in the footer. You’re welcome. :rocket: